American Fire Glass 1/2″ Cobalt Reflective 10 lb. Jar~ amfg-cobalt


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American Fire Glass 

  • Use in: In fire bowls, fire pits, and fireplaces
  • Perfect for hiding pipes or tubes
  • Great alternative to ceramic logs and stones
  • Can withstand harsh weather and heat up to1300 degrees Fahrenheit without sustaining any damage or discoloration
  • Easy to maintain
  • Does not emit any harmful chemicals, smoke, soot, or ash
  • Mirrored on one side
  • Material: Non-tumbled, color-infused tempered glass processed to perfection
  • Heat Rating: Higher temperature when compared to logs, lava rocks, stones, etc.
  • Maintenance: Remove any kind of debris before lighting – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • How To Clean: Easy cleaning, rinse with vinegar and water (50:50) as required
  • Color: Cobalt
  • Type: Reflective
  • Size: 1/2″ Thick
  • 10 lb. Jar