Hunter PGV Plastic Globe Valve 1″ with Flow Control Slip x Slip~ pgv101gs


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Hunter PGV Plastic Globe Valve

  • A residential and commercial inline automatic irrigation valve
  • Adjusts water flow for your irrigation system
  • Encapsulated 24 VAC solenoid with captive plunger for hassle-free service
  • Made of durable materials to resist wear
  • External and internal manual bleed allows quick and easy at the valve activation
  • Durable glass-filled nylon threaded bonnet ring allows easy access without tools
  • Rigid diaphragm support works to prevent stress failure in tough conditions
  • Captive bonnet bolts and solenoid plunger: No lost parts during servicing
  • Size: 1″
  • Slip x Slip
  • With Flow control