Hunter X2 WIFI Controller Indoor/ Outdoor 4 Station~ x2400


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Hunter X2 WIFI Controller

  • Residential controller that offers irrigation management with the option to add WIFI (X2 Wand sold separately)
  • Easy Retrieve memory backups the full irrigation schedule
  • 3 flexible programs with 4 start times each and up to 6-hour run times
  • Suspend irrigation up to 99 days during the off-season
  • Short-circuit protection detects wiring faults and skips the station without system damage
  • QuickCheck provides simple diagnostics of faulty field wiring
  • Backlit display provides optimal visibility in any light
  • Delay Between Stations for slow-closing valves or pump recharge
  • Cycle and Soak prevents water waste and runoff in areas with elevation changes or tight soils
  • Hide Programs option shows 1 program and 1 start time for simplification
  • Number of Stations: 4