Rain Bird 3504 Part-Circle Rotor 4″ Riser-3504pc


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Rain Bird 3504 Part-Cirlcle Rotor-3504pc

  • 40- 360° Arc Part-Circle arc rotation and reversing Full-Circle rotation in one
  • Attachable nozzle tree of six Rain Curtain nozzles
  • Top-adjust arc adjustment requiring only a flat-blade screwdriver
  • Radius adjustment screw allows up to 35% radius reduction without changing nozzles
  • Stop wiper seal protects internals from debris and assures positive pop-up and retraction
  • Water-lubricated gear-drive design for durable, reliable operation
  • Easily removable filter screen
  • Nozzle removal feature
  • Arc setting factory preset at 18 degrees for installation convenience
  • Optional non-potable cover for easy identification of reclaimed water
  • Optional Seal-A-Matic (SAM) check valve holds up to 7 feet (2;1m) of elevation change; to prevent puddling and erosion caused by low head drainage