Rain Bird EFB Contamination Proof Valve Brass 1-1/2″ with Flow Control~ 150efbcp


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Rain Bird EFB Contamination Proof Valve Brass with Flow Control

  • Prevents flooding, water waste and landscape damage
  • Normally closed, reverse flow design ensures valve will fail in the closed position if a tear or rip in the diaphragm occurs
  • Slow closing to prevent water hammer and subsequent system damage.
  • One-piece solenoid design with captured plunger and spring for easy servicing
  • Prevents loss of parts during field service
  • Flow control handle adjusts water flow as needed
  • Manual internal bleed operates the valve without allowing water into the valve box
  • Allows pressure regulator adjustment without turning on the controller
  • Purple handle cover included to designate non-potable water
  • Connection Size: 1-1/2 in.
  • Connection Type: FIPT x FIPT