Rain Bird ESP-TM2 Indoor/Outdoor Controller 4 Station-tm24


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Rain Bird ESP-TM2 Controller-tm24

  • Easy to install & navigate
  • Easy to program and flexible scheduling with multiple start times
  • Controls up to 4 sprinkler zones
  • Contractor Default allows you to easily save and restore your custom schedule
  • Delay Watering up to 14 days
  • Bypass Rain Sensor for any station gives you the ability to customize which stations react to a rain sensor
  • Master valve/pump start circuit
  • Nonvolatile (100 year) storage memory
  • Electronic diagnostic circuit breaker
  • Manual Watering option for all stations, a single station or an individual program
  • Seasonal Adjust applied to all programs or an individual program
  • Automatic short detect with station specific alarm messages
  • External battery back-up not required