Rain Bird Falcon 6504 Series Full-Circle Rotor 4″ Riser with Sam Check Valve- 6504fc


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Rain Bird Falcon 6504 Series FC Rotor 4″ Riser w/ Sam Check Valve- 6504fc

  • Ideal for large turf sites such as parks, athletic fields, cemeteries, schools and commercial sites with spacing up to 65 feet
  • Sam check device prevents puddling and erosion caused by low-head drainage
  • Self-adjusting stator does not require replacement when changing nozzles
  • Water lubricated gear-drive design for durable, reliable operation
  • Nozzles are interchangeable from the front with no special tools
  • Complete full rotation (360) in approximately one minute
  • Patented, pressure-activated wiper seal and tapered riser stem on both plastic and stainless steel models protect internals from debris to ensure positive pop-up and retraction
  • Patented Rain Curtain nozzles have three ports for optimal long-range; mid-range; and close-in watering
  • Eight color-coded Rain Curtain nozzles