Rain Bird XCZ Medium Flow Control Zone Kit w/1″ DV Valve & 1″ 40 psi PR RBY Filter-xcz100prf


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Rain Bird Flow Control Zone Kit-xcz100prf

  • PR Filter kits provide on/off control, filtration, and pressure regulation with fewer components
  • Ideal for residential and small commercial applications
  • Comes assembled, easy to install and maintain
  • Only two parts means less chance of leakage at the connections
  • RBY Filter and 40 psi pressure regulator
  • Kits contain Low Flow Valve or 1″ Anti-siphon valve
  • Low Flow Valve is ideal for flows down to 0.2 GPM and allows you to install the filter downstream
  • Anti-siphon valve combines a reliable DV Valve and an atmospheric back-flow preventer in one unit
  • Durable and reliable